Gospodarka o obiegu zamkniętym

Circular economy is a global trend that is gaining more and more supporters every year. This concept is based on the justified and efficient use of resources and radical reduction of the negative impact of manufactured products on the environment.

Circular economy is something more, however. It represents changes in production or services, thanks to which it is possible to reuse the materials and create new value from them. The principles of circular economy should therefore be implemented at every stage of a product’s life: design, production, distribution, consumption, waste collection and methods of its management. The circular economy is in contrast to the still most widespread linear economy, where the product life cycle is limited to “take, use, throw away”. The effect of such activities is the generation of waste on the one hand, and the depletion of natural resources on the other. The paradox of the linear economy is that some recoverable raw materials are deposited in landfills.

Due to the unfavorable effects of application of the current economic models, circular economy became one of the priorities of the European Union’s policy. In December 2015, the European Commission published a communication which presents the legitimateness of the transformation towards a circular economy. In response to the recommendations of the European Union, there are already activities underway in Poland on the national program for the implementation of circular economy. The Ministry of Development has established a Circular Economy Team, while the Ministry of the Environment is simultaneously developing a pilot program of circular economy.
Due to legal regulations, enterprises are widely adapting their activities to the solutions proposed in the circular economy, and at the same time notice a number of benefits for the environment, business and society.

Activities of PTH Technika are part of the programme of the circular economy. Over the years, the company has developed and implemented a technology for recycling of CRT glass. At present, the company implements the developed technology for efficient recycling of black mass from zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries. At the same time research is conducted to implement a technology of zero-waste recycling of lithium batteries used in electric devices and vehicles.