Technika Recykling – About Us

Technika Recykling Ltd. was founded on February 19, 2016 in order to implement innovative recycling methods. The owner of the company is PTH Technika Ltd.

Our philosophy:

  1. Do not carry hazardous battery waste around Europe to distant locations, such as Hoboken for example.
    Transportation of batteries for recycling requires application of additional safety measures: containers, sand, and in the result the effective mass of the battery does not exceed 60% of the mass of the entire shipment, while bringing also additional risk and danger of ignition and explosion.
  2. Recycling of batteries with application of mechanical and thermal methods should be conducted as close as possible to the place where the waste stream is generated, providing possibilities for safe „slimming down” of the batteries from less valuable fractions which can be easily sold on local markets. The most valuable black mass (Co, Ni, Mn, C), constituting about 40% of the original weight of battery waste, can be then treated in “the most appropriate way”, i.e. it can be either sold to the customers providing best offers or directed to the next hydrometallurgical process that produces advanced metal salts and pure graphite.

Paweł Gajowski – CEO

Graduated from Szczecin University of Technology with MSc – electrical engineer degree. He has a R&D background, being employed in the past in the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals where he was responsible for development of new equipment and technologies for treatment of metal ores, pyro and hydrometallurgical processes of non-ferrous metals  and implementation of developed solutions into industrial practice, launching of industrial installations, obtaining 12 patents in the described above scope.

He has been the manager of PTH Technika Ltd since 1988, responsible for management of R&D processes and transfer of new technologies to daughter companies to acquire necessary environmental and legal permits and commercialization of the technologies. 

In the years 2009- 2017 he was running of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processing Plant, focusing on implementation of CRT glass recycling technology and production of slag-forming flux for metallurgical applications.

Since 2016 he has been managing Technika Recykling Ltd., a company seeking to start the construction recycling plant of a black mass from zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries and having all the required permits in this regard.

Since 2018 he also is in charge of LITHIUM Ltd. – a company trying to launch construction of the plant for lithium-ion battery recycling.